Friday, January 23, 2009

January 22

Let the potty training begin...I don't think I am ready for this!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21st

Cortland getting a little stage fright. Can you tell this boy needs a haircut in a major way? I like his hair a little longer, but the man like side burns has gotsta go! He wasn't feeling like pictures of chex cereal was a good idea. Shy little guy!

January 19th

Where have you been my whole life?

January 16th

These party hats sure got good use. The kids love playing with them.

Cortland is such a sweetheart.

In fact I am pretty sure you will hear me call him sweetheart more than his given name.

January 15th

This little boy loves his hands all of a sudden.

At night I can hear him sucking on his hands.

I love that.
I actually love everything about this baby boy.
He is quite perfect if you ask me...

January 13th

My little boy throwing gangsta signs...nice.

He is so sweet and funny sometimes.

January 11th

My little girl got 12 inches of hair cut off...we are growing it out!

January 10th

Look at that face!

Happy Birthday my big little two year old! You are the sweetest of the sweetest!

January 9th

We love all thing Disney, especially a little cute girl in a little cute Disney hat!

January 6th

This day was a hard day because it was the day of my cousins funeral. We took Paxton with us, and somehow he was such a relief to the whole thing. He brought smiles to peoples faces and every time I looked at him I was reminded of the circle of life. I am so happy he is part of ours.

January 4th

I am pretty sure every one would agree that two year old

looks yummier than that cupcake!

January 3rd

So this year the kids got a swing set for Christmas and boy was it a project to set up. We even got the smalled one they offered! Uncle Marc, Grandpa Don and Daddy were out there all morning, all afternoon and finished around 6 pm! They were tired and sore the next day that is for sure!

January 2

I was really anxious to take all the Christmas decorations down this year just like every other year. I love putting it up and my home feeling so Christmasie, but man the clutter drives me nut. Right before we took it down I grabbed one more photo of outside. You cannot really tell what we had up, but I will. And just so you know, that is not our toy out front it is the neighbors toy and she had brought it over and left it on the lawn so the kids could play with it even though we have the same thing. She is a sweetie though!

January 1st

Maddox with a Mohawk
Maddox has so much hair and he has more collics that he has hair!
So that can make styling his hair to look good really hard.
So this day we tryed the mohawk and he totally worked it!

Photo a Day 2009

This year I have taken on the challenge of taking a
photo a day.
I suppose they will mostly be
photos of my children,
but every now and then I could surprise you!