Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17

I want to eat him.

Or even just a little nibble on that ear.

February 16

I am so lucky to hold this hand forever.

February 15

This little boy has really been enjoying observing everything around him.
There is so much for him to see and he eats it up.

February 14

Making our Valentines Day Pizza's. Who needs Papa Murphys.

February 13

We had a Valentines "week" in our home.

February 12

He requires a blanket on his face to sleep.

February 11

Playing in the rain.

February 10

Maddox's first attempt down the drive way with his new scooter did not end too well.
Two teeth into his bottom lip. Poor poor boy.

February 9

Are we teething? All signs point to yes!

February 8

Not sure he is ready for this...

February 7

J can not get enough of Paxton

February 5

These are seen all over the house...I don't get it.

February 4

When I come in the door I am mobbed by three adorable little ones...man am I lucky!

February 3

My three favorite products/smells.

Februray 2

A new possibility for time out perchance?

No child was harmed during this picture.

Februray 1

This blue "night night" is his security along with his middle two right fingers. I love that.

January 30

Who knows what color his eyes are going to be...

January 29

Sledding proved to be a big hit with everyone!

January 28

Playing in the first and probably only snow fall of the year.

January 27

Baby Tyler, it was so nice to meet you. I have to say, you are pretty darn cute!
You already love me, I was right, you are a BOY!!!

January 26

Five shots between Maddox and Paxton and not one tear shed...nice.I have to say it has got to have something to do with such a sweet peditrician.

January 24

Bennett and a friend from Chicago. He was so thrilled to get together with a Saane.
We sure miss her and her amazing family.

January 23

Two two year olds that did not want to get their picture taken!

Oliver and Maddox