Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27

Gosh, I cannot stand how cute he is. I cannot even glance his way without going over to him and squeezing him like crazy, kissing him like crazy and chewing on those cheeks like there is no tomorrow!

April 25

Happy Birthday my sweet first born.

April 24

The spring fling at Bennett's school is always so fun. The kids LOVE it!

April 23

Grandma taco brought us some twinkies to celebrate my birthday today.

The kids loved it. So fun and thoughtful.

April 22

I seem to never have my own cup. All the kids do and they each drink from their own cups, but every one thinks my cup is a free for all, the community cup.
Not good when you have sick kids running around, or laying around I should say.

April 21

My sweet friend noticed on facebook that I wrote a post on
having sick kids and ended up by saying Calgon!
I didn't even know they made it anymore.
She brought me two boxes with a sweet card.
She has no idea how much that means to me.
You know you don't feel well when SHE sits on the couch and does not move or say a word. I did 16 loads of laundry this day. Fun times around here I tell ya.

It hit Cortland probably the hardest and then Maddox and then Jadeyn. Andy and I had it off and on throughout the two weeks. I think Bennett may have brought it home from school. He had some issues at the beginning of the week and then was fine.
The three middles kiddos on the other are having a really hard time.

April 19

We are just a bunch of sickos around here.

These things have become my best friends lately.

Please oh please let us never have this sickness again.

April 18

Had to give a shout out to B on his birthday.

They were here this year for his birthday.

He loves the camera.
Can you tell!

April 17

He will even share if you would like.

April 16

This boy loves him some oranges. They are the little cutie ones so it makes it easier on mom. This child should have a super great immune system with all the vitamin C he is getting.

April 15

The new table. Jadeyn was down stairs for a long time and
I knew she had to be doing something important.
For sure she was.
She decided all her dollies were hungry and she fed them dinner.
How cute is this.

April 14

Tummy time

April 13

My mom has every other Monday off. It is so nice to have her come over.
This is how she spends a lot of the time while the kids are awake.
They can not get enough of her.
All over her all the time.

April 12

Happy Easter!

April 11

I love these girls. It makes up for not having a sister.

Not only did I get Andy but I got a few sisters in the deal.

{a few meaning 9}

April 10

This picture takes me breath away.

So beautiful.

April 8

Love this one.

April 7

The second grade production of When the Circus comes to town.
I have to say the flame swallower was pretty darn fantastic.
This was so cute


April 6

I love these two boys.

Is there anything better than snuggling with a squishy baby?

I'd say not.

April 3

Our last resort.
This girl stopped twirling right when she got her hair cut
and now she is back at it with a vengence.
It is so sad. Our last alternative is a mitten.

April 2

Craft time is a favorite time in our home.

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 1

Safety first.

March 31

I am a little, ah, let's say pleased with my boy. I could not ask for anything better in a son.

March 30

A fifth child never has a dull moment is
never left alone and is loved by all.
Maybe a little too much.

March 29

Uncle Jake comes to visit.

Lots of games, lots of food and lots of fun.

March 28

Love this girl and her hair.

March 27

We have a milk man. And we love him.

March 25

He really likes sweet potatoes. So does jadeyn and maddox.

March 24

We love this game.

It is a regular when the E's are here.

March 23

Loves to color. All. the. time.

March 22

He makes me want 10 more of him.

March 21

This is Cami. She is Andy's youngest sister. She is everyones favorite.

My kids adore her. She is pretty great.

March 19

Literally going green!

March 18

Going green!

March 20

Da boys. Helping the daddyoh!

March 17

The three amigos!

March 16

Sweetie pie.

March 15

First foods. Loving him.

March 14

There has got to be some teeth coming soon.

The drooling has started.

March 13

Jadeyn is our little artist. The world is her canvas, but in this case the walls were.
17 smiley faces in all. Um, pretty much I think this is cute.

March 12

This is attached to me all day.
I drink this all day long and usually fill it 4-5 times a day.
Nothing is better than a little H2O.

March 11

In our efforts to spruce up the toy room each child painted on their own canvas. It was so cute. Jadeyn used only pink until Cortland decided she needed to add some color.
They look great in the toy room too!

March 10

Sweet Cheeks...

March 9

I love doing this girls hair. So much fun to see what things we can do each day. Since we have gotten it cut in Januray it has been a little harder finding things to do, but still so fun!

March 8

Bennett's collage for school. He had so much fun doing it. I am not gonna lie. I did too!

March 7

Finally eating outside!
The weather is starting to get a little nicer.
They love it out there!

March 6

Um seriously...I love this a little too much.

How sweet!

March 5

A little shout out to Uncle B!

March 4

My little chocolate chip, my little brownie, my teeny tiny, my sweetie.